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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

16th Lake Sevan Chess Tournament 2014 LIVE!

Dutch Open Chess Championship 2014 LIVE!

Checkmate in 6

White to move and checkmate in 6.

8/2p5/p7/2p5/kNK5/p7/P7/8 w - - 0 1

Dziewonski, 1855

LIVE updates from Tromsø Chess Olympiad on Twitter

I arrived at the Tromsø Chess Olympiad. I will be doing quite a bit of LIVE updates, especially from behind the scene, on my twitter account @SusanPolgar. It is the best way to get the up to date news.

Top Indian players are not playing in the Olympiad

Top Indian players are not playing in the Olympiad
By Venkatachari Jagannathan

Chennai, July 29 (IANS) At a time when world's top rated players will be playing in the chess Olympiad, the absence of former world champion Viswanathan Anand, world number 27 Pendyala Harikrishna and other top rated players from the Indian team is very strange, say chess players from India and abroad.

"Anand has not been playing in the Olympiads for years. This time, several other top players are also not playing. It seems there is some serious issue to be resolved," an anguished FIDE-rated chess player told IANS preferring anonymity.

The World Chess Olympiad is the fourth largest sporting event in the world in terms of the number of participating countries.

The 2014 edition being held in Norway Aug 1-14 will see around 1,800 players and team captains from 174 countries.

India, at 2650 elo points, ranks seventh in the world based on the average rating of its top ten players.

Curiously the Indian team for the 2014 Olympiad is ranked 18th with an average rating of 2617 points.

Only three of India's top 10 players - Grandmasters (GM) Krishnan Sasikiran, Parimarjan Negi and Baskaran Adhiban - are in the current Olympiad team. The other two GMs S.P. Sethuraman and M.R. Lalith Babu are ranked 11th and 12th, respectively.

If the Indian Olympiad team comprises of its top five players (Anand, Harikrishna, Sasikiran, Negi and Abhijeet Gupta) then it would have been ranked 8th with a rating of 2692 points.

"In the initial rounds, high-rated teams would generally get weaker teams as opponents. Further, when it is known that the team led by Anand has another player with a rating of over 2,725 points and includes others players with ratings over 2600, then the psychological advantage is huge," a rated chess player preferring anonymity told IANS.

"Anand has not been playing at the Olympiad for a long time whereas the absence of India's number two Harikrishna is a big surprise," an overseas GM told IANS.

When contacted for comments, the All India Chess Federation's (AICF) CEO Bharat Singh Chauhan told IANS to get in touch with the federation's new secretary V. Hariharan.

"We had asked Anand and Harikrishna about their availability for the Olympiad. Harikrishna replied that he was not available," Hariharan told IANS.

Anand was not available for comments and an email sent to him remained unanswered.

"I received an email from AICF stating that I was one of the provisionally selected players for the Indian chess Olympiad team and was queried about my availability," Harikrishna told IANS.

"As I was preparing for the world rapid and blitz tournaments I had conveyed to AICF about my non-availability," he said.

According to Hariharan, the AICF has no hold on the players to make them play the tournaments.

Queried about signing up a contract with the top rated players he said: "The issue has not been brought up earlier. Perhaps, the suggestion could be deliberated upon."

Welcoming the idea, Harikrishna said: "Most of the top chess federations have such agreements with the players. The contract between the federation and the individual players should be a professional one listing out all the details clearly. The issue is not about appearance fee but the facilities that AICF would extend to players."

"The contract should be agreed mutually by the player concerned and AICF," Sasikiran said.

It is reliably learnt that the idea of a contract was suggested to AICF a couple of years ago, but the federation has not looked at it seriously.

The absence of other top-rated players in the Indian team is also due to AICF's selection process.

The AICF selects the Indian team for top tournaments like the Asian, World and Olympiad based on the player's FIDE rating. The national champion will be a default member of the team.

While selecting the other team members those who had played the Nationals will be given additional 75 points. As a result a lower rated player by virtue of getting the bonus points can get into the team ahead of others.

While accepting AICF's view that National events should attract top players, the 75 points bonus is too high. It should be only 40 or 50. Perhaps four members of the Olympiad team should be selected based on FIDE rating alone and the fifth member could be the national champion with a rating cut-off, a couple of GMs told IANS.

According to Sasikiran, the National championship should be rejigged into a three-tournament format so that only strong players come to play at the National A tournament.

"Forcing GMs with a rating of over 2600 points to play the National B is not right. They have already proved themselves," a player told IANS.

According to Harikrishna, there should be more round-robin tournaments with top 20 players participating.

Meanwhile, Sasikiran said: "On paper, the team may look as lower rated, but going by the current form of the the players, it would certainly do well."

Chess Olympiad 2014 Preview

Chess Olympiad 2014 in Tromso is going to be without a doubt the most exciting team competition in chess this year.

It is a celebration for 180+ countries and a joy for the spectators from all over the world, with the competition boasting a true Olympic spirit.

All news about the Olympiad / Live games / Play free online chess

Total statistics for top 10 teams

Average rating: 2707,8 ELO
ELO change since last event: + 1,5 ELO per team
Highest rated player average: 2759,4 ELO
Lowest rated player average: 2637,1 ELO

Looking at the ELO points of the top 10 teams, the Tromso Chess Olympiad will be stronger than the previous edition in 2012 in Istanbul. The teams add an average of 1,5 ELO points per board. While some teams remain unchanged, others undergo amazing transformations in just two years.

Read on for team by team analysis, following the major changes and improvements in each of the national squads.

Note: the analysis is completed using the July rating list. FIDE will publish an August rating list the days before the start of the Olympiad. If there are major rating swings, they are noted below. However, the general picture, in comparison with 2012, will remain practically unchanged.


Russia is the team with the highest average rating for the event. With ELO 2777, Russia brings additional 8 ELO points compared to the Olympiad in Istanbul, where the team had 2769 ELO.

The team of Russia for Chess Olympiad 2014 will be composed of Vladimir Kramnik, Alexander Grischuk, Sergey Karjakin, Peter Svidler, and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

For the past Olympiads the team of Russia has had a clear leader – Vladimir Kramnik. Around the time of Istanbul 2012 Kramnik was at his best with steady 2800 rating. For Tromso 2014 Kramnik will be out of the World’s top 10 for the first time in this millennium and will actually be the 3rd highest rated on the team.

The big question for the captain Yuri Dokhoian will be the board order for this Olympiad. Top rated in August will be Grischuk with 2795 ELO, followed by Karjakin with 2786. Kramnik is with 2760, very close to Svidler with 2751, while Nepo is “only” with 2713.
(Note: RCF CEO Mark Glukhovsky said that Dmitry Jakovenko will play instead of Nepomniachtchi)

ELO average rating: 2777
ELO change since last event: +8
Highest rated player: 2795
Lowest rated player: 2713


Ukraine is the second team according to the average rating for the Chess Olympiad 2014. With 2730 ELO, captain Oleksandr Sulypa will have 8 ELO points less per board compared to Istanbul 2012.

Vassily Ivanchuk is still the highest rated player on the team with 2735 ELO, which is 34 points less than two years ago. Ruslan Ponomariov and Pavel Eljanov each have 2732 ELO, with Eljanov having added 30 points to his rating. The fourth rated player is Alexander Moiseenko with virtually no rating change. The last board is for the European blitz golden medalist Anton Korobov, substituting earlier reserve Andrei Volokitin.

ELO average rating: 2730
ELO change since last event: -8
Highest rated player: 2735
Lowest rated player: 2690


Can this be the year of France at the Chess Olympiad? The French team played Istanbul 2012 as 8th seeded with 2684 ELO average. In Tromso 2014 Chess Olympiad France will be with +34 ELO per board (!!), the average ELO of 2718 makes them 3rd seeded at the event.

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave is the clear leader of the French team. Adding 80 ELO points in the last two years, MVL is set to shine in Tromso 2014. Etienne Bacrot, with ELO 2720 is back on the team, after missing the Istanbul Olympiad. Carlsen’s second Laurent Fressinet is number three in the list with 2714, while the ever stable Romain Edouard and Vladislav Tkachiev complete the team.

France captain for the event will be Sebastien Maze.

ELO average rating: 2718
ELO change since last event: +34
Highest rated player: 2760 (note: MVL will be 2773 in August!)
Lowest rated player: 2625


The 2012 Chess Olympiad Champions of Armenia can never be underestimated. The numbers put them as the 4th seeded team with 2705 ELO, but history always puts them among the gold medal contenders.

Armenia do not change their winning strategy and once again use the system – the four top players + the national champion. Therefore, we will once again see Levon Aronian, Sergei Movsesian, Gabriel Sargissian, Vladimir Akopian, and to them we will add the national champion Tigran Kotanjian. Exactly from this addition comes the average rating drop of Armenia as Kotanjian is ELO 2500, but no one should underestimate him, as he finished ahead of Petrosian, Pashikian, Melkumyan, Grigoryan, and Ter-Sahakyan.

No change at the captain seat – Arshak Petrosian will once again lead Armenia.

ELO average rating: 2705
ELO change since last event: -19
Highest rated player: 2805
Lowest rated player: 2500

United States

United States add 2 ELO points per board for a rating average of 2704. Once again they are among the top five seeded teams, and once again expectations are high.

The leader of the team Hikaru Nakamura comes with additional 9 rating points compared to Istanbul, boasting an ELO rating of 2787. The core of the team remains unchanged, with Gata Kamsky, Varuzhan Akobian, andAlexander Onischuk playing again. However, USA drop one of their best performer of 2012 – Ray Robson with 5,5/8 is substituted by Samuel Shankland. This change will certainly change the dynamics of the team – for better or for worse we are yet to see.

USA also change a captain, with Yuri Shulman substituted by John Donaldson.

ELO average rating: 2704
ELO change since last event: +2
Highest rated player: 2787
Lowest rated player: 2632


Chess Olympiad 2014 will have Hungary as the 6th highest rated team. With average ELO of 2702, six points less than during the last Olympiad, Hungary have higher hopes for Tromso.

The team continues to rely on Peter Leko, Judit Polgar, Zoltan Almasi, and Csaba Balogh. There is only one change, but it can be a key one. The 5th board of the team is substituted by the rising star GM Richard Rapport, who will actually be the second highest rated player of Hungary with 2707 points.

Currently Rapport is participating at the Politiken Cup 2014, so his rating can fluctuate until the start of the Olympiad. But one thing is sure, his performance can be the difference between a medal and no medal of his country.

Hungary will be led by Tamas Horvath, who will have to prove why his country is the 6th and last in the list of countries with average ELO of 2700+

ELO average rating: 2702
ELO change since last event: -6
Highest rated player: 2737
Lowest rated player: 2637


China add two points to their average ELO and will start with 2696 in Tromso. Even though as strength the team seems to be at the same level as last time, the internal dynamics of the team are totally different and the team’s performance will be one of the big questions of the Chess Olympiad 2014.

The leader of the 2012 event Hao Wang is not listed in this year’s team. Nor are Bu Xiangzhi and Li Chao. Besides the regulars Wang Yue and Ding Liren we have three new names on the Chinese team.

Ni Hua (2674) won his place on the team with very stable performances and direct clashes, shining with first place at the recent Montacada tournament.

Yu Yangyi and Wei Yi is the young lions bet of China. Yu Yangyi is Asian Continental Champion for 2014 and World Junior Champion for 2013.

Wei Yi became the world’s youngest GM last year and has shown great performances since then.

China also change their captain from Li Wenliang to Xu Jun.

ELO average rating: 2696
ELO change since last event: +2
Highest rated player: 2726
Lowest rated player: 2636


The team of Azerbaijan come to the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromso with exactly the same team as to the Olympiad in Istanbul.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Teimour Radjabov, Rauf Mamedov, Eltaj Safarli, and Gadir Guseinov will defend their country’s honor one more time, aiming for more than the 10th place achieved last time.

The team has an average ELO of 2694, a point more than last time. The major change comes at the captain seat – Vladimir Tukmakov is substituted by Alexander Khalifman.

ELO average rating: 2694
ELO change since last event: +1
Highest rated player: 2743
Lowest rated player: 2649


The team of England started as 11th seeded in Istanbul. During the Tromso Olympiad 2014 England enters in top 10 boasting an average of 2682 ELO, five points more than in 2012.

Michael Adams continues being the team leader. With 2743 ELO Adams comes with 12 points more than the last Olympiad. The 33 ELO drop of Nigel Short is compensated by the rise of Gawain Jones and David Howell.

The big change is the comeback of Matthew Sadler. With 2653 ELO he is bringing great value to the English team.
Peter Wells will once again be the captain.

ELO average rating: 2682
ELO change since last event: +5
Highest rated player: 2743
Lowest rated player: 2653


Netherlands is the last team in top 10. With ELO 2678 the Dutch lose four points per board compared to the last Olympiad.

However, at board one they have the ambitious Anish Giri, who added 39 points in the last two years, and is ready to show his best.

The seasoned Loek Van Wely is one more time on the team, and with this the similarities to 2012 end. Ivan Sokolov, Jan Smeets and Daniel Stellwagen are substituted by Sergei Tiviakov, Erwin L’Ami and Robin Van Kampen.

There is also a change at the captains seat. Netherlands attracted Vladimir Tukmakov as substitute to Vladimir Chuchelov.

ELO average rating: 2678
ELO change since last event: -4
Highest rated player: 2750
Lowest rated player: 2636


Games will be daily live at with computer analysis by Stockfish, Komodo, and Houdini, the three best engines of the top computer championship TCEC

Live games (open): Live games (top) / Live games (other boards) / Live games (alternative)

Live games (women): Live games (top) / Live games (other boards) / Live games (alternative)

Chess Olympiad 2014 in Tromso

GM Ernesto Inarkiev wins Primorsky Debut on tie-break

Primorsky Debut, a stage in the Cup of Russia, was held from 21-29th July at the DVFU campus in Vladivostok.

41 players competed in the 9-round Swiss tournament.

Ernesto Inarkiev edged fellow Grandmaster Dmitry Bocharov on tie-break to take the top prize of 3100 EUR. The two players finished the event on 7,0/9 points each. Bocharov earned 2000 EUR from the total prize fund of 12,500 EUR.

Prior to this event, Vladivostok hosted Tikhookeansky Meridian – a stage in the Rapid Cup of Russia.

Tournament website

Final standings (top finishers):

1 GM Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2666 – 7
2 GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2560 – 7
3 GM Grachev Boris RUS 2672 – 6.5
4 GM Ovetchkin Roman RUS 2521 – 6
5 GM Deviatkin Andrei RUS 2512 – 6
6 FM Yanchenko Roman RUS 2311 – 6
7 GM Kabanov Nikolai RUS 2496 – 6
8 GM Belous Vladimir RUS 2584 – 5.5
9 GM Danin Alexandre RUS 2572 – 5.5
10 GM Timofeev Artyom RUS 2597 – 5.5
11 IM Gritsenko Andrey RUS 2403 – 5.5
12 Sutormin Danila RUS 2228 – 5
13 IM Korniushin Nikolay RUS 2339 – 5
14 IM Guseva Marina RUS 2362 – 5
15 Tugarin Anton RUS 2234 – 5
16 GM Ivanov Mikhail M RUS 2392 – 5
17 FM Muratov Sergey RUS 2185 – 5
18 FM Biryukov Mikhail RUS 2157 – 5
19 WFM Zherebtsova Alexandra RUS 2146 – 5
20 Vilchenko Maxim RUS 2256 – 4.5

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rich As A King to be released in October 2014

Europe Chess Funding – ECU Sponsoring

The “ECU Back to Europe” campaign team, which is nominating Zurab Azmaiparashvilli for the post of ECU President, has issued a proposal for the ECU sponsorship and financing in the period 2014-2018.

The proposal includes:

- Sponsorship by the privately owned “JSC Bank of Georgia”
- Cancellation of ECU President stipends and transfer of funds to Chess in Schools and other development programs
- Batumi 2018 Chess Olympiad promotional programs, including chess projects in Europe

Detailed proposal by “ECU Back to Europe” is below

A) Memorandum of ECU sponsorship signed with the private “JSC Bank of Georgia”

Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia & ECU presidential candidate and Mr. Archil Gachechiladze, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Bank of Georgia, signed the Memorandum for the European Chess Union Sponsorship.

The Bank will financially support the establishment and popularisation of chess in schools, as well as the training of prospective players, coaches and arbiters at chess training centres.

The Bank will be providing financial support for the projects and activities initiated by the European Chess Union.

Full report by the financial press

Video news report from the press conference

Thanks to this agreement the financial operation ability of the European Chess Union will multiply, offering additional value to the European Chess Family.

The ECU sponsors, the Executive Managers of the Bank of Georgia, will be in Tromso to explain all the details. This is our reality and this is our answer to the previous ECU Management that openly admitted during the GA in Warsaw that it was difficult to find sponsors for the European Chess Union in a 4-year period.

B) 144.000 euros from President’ Stipend to ECU Chess in Schools Commission

The Georgian Chess Federation and the Presidential Candidate for the European Chess Union Elections Zurab Azmaipashvilli will propose at the ECU General Assembly in Tromso “to waive the President’s Stipend from the annual ECU budget.

The 144.000 euros to be transferred to the Chess in Schools and other chess development programs, thus enabling ECU to provide additional support to the National Federations.”

Today the ECU budget for the “chess in school programs” is 0. The income of the ECU comes only from players-federations fees. The sponsorship is also on level 0.

Despite all this, the current Treasurer of the ECU revealed that the opinion of “their team” is that the ECU President’s costs (56.000€ annually, out of a total budget of 180.000€) is low for European standards!

Here is the ECU Treasurer’s statement from a recent campaign interview:
..”it is not serious to discuss the President’s stipend because of one more reason – its amount is nothing special compared to the European salaries.”

We want to remind Mr. Silvio Danailov’s Campaign team that this salary is enormously high for countries like Bulgaria or Serbia, where the ECU is based. If they wish to compare Mr. Danailov’s costs with Executive managers in telecommunications, IT, banks or investments companies, then they must also compare the budgets and the revenues of these companies, as well as the financial results of these managers.

C) 2 million USD for chess projects through the “Batumi 2018″ Olympiad Budget

Chess & Olympiad promotional programs: 2 million USD will be used for the Olympiad promotion worldwide, including the funding of development projects (tournaments, seminars, trainings) from 2015 to 2018.

An important part of this budget will be allocated to chess projects in Europe.

This additional support for chess projects in Europe is conditional with the bid of Batumi 2018 Chess Olympiad.

All the reasons to support Georgia and Batumi for the 2018 Chess Olympiad.

And this is only a part of our funding plan…

Zurab Azmaiparashvilli Campaign Team

Bu dominated Politiken Cup with 9/10!

Chinese Grandmaster Bu Xiangzhi crushed the opposition in the 2014 Politiken Cup to convincingly take the first place with 9,0/10 points.

Bu Xiangzhi won eight games and conceded only two draws to leave the nearest followers a full point behind. He earned 2700 EUR and 24 elo points.

The 2014 Politiken Cup took place on 21-29th July 2014 in Helsingor, a city in Denmark, known internationally for its castle Kronborg, where William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is set.

The event was a 10-round FIDE Swiss tournament with 310 players from 25 countries, including 27 Grandmasters and 15 International Masters.

Replay games with analysis

Official website

Final standings (top finishers):

1 GM Bu Xiangzhi CHN 2693 – 9
2 GM Jones Gawain C B ENG 2665 – 8
3 GM Matlakov Maxim RUS 2685 – 8
4 GM Rodshtein Maxim ISR 2671 – 8
5 GM Negi Parimarjan IND 2645 – 8
6 GM Rapport Richard HUN 2701 – 7.5
7 GM Romanov Evgeny RUS 2643 – 7.5
8 FM Schroeder Jan-Christian GER 2370 – 7.5
9 GM Ramirez Alejandro USA 2580 – 7.5
10 GM Hector Jonny SWE 2506 – 7.5
11 GM Schandorff Lars DEN 2529 – 7.5
12 GM Smerdon David AUS 2519 – 7.5
13 IM Svane Rasmus GER 2494 – 7.5
14 GM Semcesen Daniel SWE 2503 – 7.5
15 GM Le Roux Jean-Pierre FRA 2560 – 7.5
16 FM Smirnov Anton AUS 2334 – 7.5
17 IM Ly Moulthun AUS 2466 – 7.5
18 GM Hillarp Persson Tiger SWE 2569 – 7
19 GM Timman Jan H NED 2610 – 7
20 GM Gao Rui CHN 2529 – 7
21 GM Meier Georg GER 2632 – 7
22 FM Ikeda Junta AUS 2402 – 7
23 GM Cornette Matthieu FRA 2532 – 7
24 IM Tari Aryan NOR 2412 – 7
25 GM Hoi Carsten DEN 2409 – 7
26 GM Kristiansen Jens DEN 2415 – 7
27 FM Carstensen Jacob DEN 2375 – 7
28 IM Roser Kevin FRA 2406 – 7
29 Thogersen Rasmus DEN 2098 – 7
30 FM Veng Johnny DEN 2244 – 7
31 GM Edouard Romain FRA 2679 – 6.5
32 GM Moiseenko Alexander UKR 2707 – 6.5
33 GM Rasmussen Allan Stig DEN 2522 – 6.5
34 IM Houska Jovanka ENG 2409 – 6.5
35 IM Fries-Nielsen Jens Ove DEN 2412 – 6.5

Chess camp coached by Ivana Furtado

Chess camp coached by Ivana Furtado
TNN | Jul 29, 2014, 02.01 AM IST

Chess player Ivana Furtado has volunteered to interact and guide chess players to create interest and encourage the game in Chinchinim. Those interested can contact Nelson Lopes, P C Trust, Chinchinim, by August 3. The camp will be held on August 10 from 4pm to 5pm at Adv Mario Loyola Furtado Library in Chinchinim.


Kazakh Chess Princess

Kazakh Chess Grand Master Wins Spanish Tournament

Chess masters from 38 countries, including 37 international grand masters and 33 international masters, gathered July 4-12 to challenge each other at the XXXIV Open Internacional Ajedrez Villa de Benasque. Seventeen-year-old Kazakh chess prospect Dinara Saduakassova, an international women’s grand master, won two cups, taking first place among women and juniors.

Saduakassova is a role model for many high school teens. In addition, by winning international tournaments she helps establish her country as a serious contender in the modern chess world and promotes chess in Kazakhstan.

“When I was five years old,my mother took me and my brother Arsen and my sister Ainur to a chess club,”Saduakassova said. “The game of chess was very respected in our family and cultivated. My first teacher always believed in me and saw my talent and potential.”

What does chess mean to you andwhat other hobbies do you have?

I was lucky as I had a chance to try different [sports] — gymnastics, chess and went to school! Besides chess I have other hobbies. I went to music school, I love music, reading books, swimming and playing tennis. I also like riding a bicycle and photography. Chess is my lifestyle and as an athlete I continue dedicating my life to this sport. Young girls are following my lead. How can this not make me happy!?

Besides her talent in chess,Saduakassovais also a promising musician. At 11, she graduated from music school with honours and also graduated with honours from Zerde, a school for gifted children.

This year, she also published her first book for beginning chess players titled “First Steps in Chess,” where she unveils her experiences in chess to the public and talks about the game. Saduakassova plans to distribute her book free of charge in schools, children’s homes and educational centres.

Who is your favourite chess player and why?

Modern chess players must be versatile. Players need to use different styles. I respect Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov. I would like to use combinations like Mikhail Tal and have the positional sense that Anatoly Karpov has. Chess success depends on the versatility of a person.

When you won the tournament in Spain, what did you feel?

I have participated in such tournaments before. I didn’t have that feeling of euphoria. I am used to winning –it is always great to win and glorify my country. I hope that Kazakhstan willbe more recognisable thanks to my wins.

Why do you think Kazakh chess players are successful?

I am glad that I can contribute something to the history of Kazakh chess. I consider my current achievements as the beginning of my career. The driving factor was always the [desire] for perfection. The goals were quite modest at first. To achieve success, an athlete needs a goal and the desire to realise it. The key factors for success are faith and perseverance and, of course, a dream and the support of those close to you.

How do you manage your time? School, chess, hobbies.

When an athlete advances a the high level of preparations, participates in international tournaments and represents the country, sports becomes more than a hobby. To me,my work becomes conscious. Fame adds responsibility. Health and time are expensive resources; therefore, my schedule must be extremely effective. I plan my day, do some things quickly. A human rests when she changes activities. Chess requires certain sacrifices and discipline.

I am pleased that people recognise me. I am thankful to people for the attention and support. I would like to say to my fans: Believe and support our sport!

All you need to know about Tromsø Chess Olympiad

All you need to know about the Tromsø Chess Olympiad

About to travel to Tromsø for the 41st World Chess Olympiad and want to know all the practical details? Or do you simply want to know more about the event so you can enjoy watching it from the comfort of your own home? We're now publishing all the information you need in handy downloadable guides.

The Olympiad runs from the 1st to the 14th August, and the following Info Bulletin will provide you with valuable information about the games, the venue, the atmosphere and what's happening off the chessboard.

Info Bulletin

We've also gathered together all the practical details you need to know before and after your arrival, including information about money, the climate, arriving at Oslo and Tromsø Airports, lost or delayed luggage, check-in at the hotels, the accreditation desk, information offices and the opening ceremony.

Need to Know

5th International Chess Festival “Terre degli Elimi”

Alessandro Monaco: This year too the participation in the 5th International Chess Festival “Terre degli Elimi” has been remarkable – a total of 108 players which is a new record for Sicily in the last ten years.

There were 68 players in the Open A, 25 in the Open B and 15 in the Open C – among them 50 foreign players from 15 countries.

Again the wonderful city of Erice hosted our Festival! Erice which is situated in western Sicily (Italy) is only 15 km away from airport “Vincenzo Florio” in Trapani (Ryanair Hub) and is a true and proper tourist pearl of Sicily.

Located about 700 meters above sea level it is overlooking the Mediterranean sea and from almost every corner you can enjoy breathtaking views and even see Mount Etna in the distance.

This year we have organized a minibus service to bring our players from the airport to the hotel in Erice.

In the afternoons we have also organized three tours by bus:
Erice – San Vito lo Capo – Erice
Erice – Segesta – Scopello – Erice

Our guests have greatly appreciated the excursions in these wonderful places.

The list of invited foreign chess masters included the Moldovan GM Viorel Iordachescu trainer of the great Vugar Gashimov who died recently; the Belarusian GM Nikita Maiorov; the Bulgarian GM Vladimir Petkov; the English GM Jonathan Levitt and eight others IM as Twan Burg, Warakomski, Sadzikowski, Sieciechowicz, Claesen, Mantovani, Adrian and Aleksic; seven Fide masters as Larsen, Amato, Fabiano, De Wacther, De Wit, Bezemer and Dijkhuis and a lot of strong foreigners and Italian players as Ferro, Valguarnera, Sardo, Pisacane, Favaloro, Marzaduri.

Worth recording the presence among the women of Russian WGM Maria Manakova, Spanish WIM Amalia Aranaz Murillo, Polish WIM Anna Iwanow and Italian champion WFM Tea Gueci. 23 Fide titled chess players in total.

The festival started at 3pm on July 19, 2014 with a short and dynamic open ceremony that will be held at Gebel Hamed Teather in Erice. The first symbolic move was played by the mayor of Erice Giacomo Tranchida against GM Viorel Iordachescu.

The competition start at Palazzo Sales in Erice at 4 pm and consisted of three open tournaments: A for players> 1800; B <1900 c=""> 1500.

The chief arbiter was Mr. Flavio D’Alessandro assisted by Mr. Giuseppe Cassia

The Dutch chess player Martijn Van Der Eijk has played a great tournament finishing sixth overall with a performance of 2406.

The Italian Champion WFM Tea Gueci has played very well, resisting for a long time even against GM Iordachescu in the first round. Tea in Erice won her first WIM norm! congratulations to the whole Gueci family!

English GM Jonathan Levitt won special prize “Enza e Nino” in memory of CM Giacomo Bertino parents reserved to the best chess combination. Jon came back to play chess in our tournament after seven years! He showed a great tactical ability and we hope that he will soon play in other tournaments.

The prizes in books (more than 400 €) were offered by Yuri Garrett of “Caissa Italia”.

Many thanks to the Municipality of Erice, “Caissa Italia”, “Lilybetana Scacchi”, “Scacco Mazara” and “Chess Bazaar”.

A special thanks to Mrs. Gabriella Morvay and Mrs. Pinola Savalli by Hotel Villa San Giovanni of Erice for their professionalism and kindness.

See you next summer!

Report By Alessandro Monaco, mobile phone +393343114606
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Open A top standings after 9 rounds:

1 8 GM Iordachescu Viorel 2593 2732 MDA
2 8 GM Maiorov Nikita 2531 2686 BLR
3 7 IM Burg Twan 2508 2597 NED
4 6.5 IM Sieciechowicz Marcin 2438 2446 POL
5 6 WGM Manakova Maria 2273 2465 SRB
6 6 Van Der Eijk Martijn 2198 2406 NED
7 6 IM Warakomski Tomasz 2501 2399 POL
8 6 Ferro Mario 2242 2329 ITA
9 6 Senders Mischa 2183 2373 NED
10 6 FM AMATO Andrea 2350 2294 PA
11 5.5 IM Sadzikowski Daniel 2481 2349 POL
12 5.5 GM Petkov Vladimir 2538 2393 BUL
13 5.5 GM Levitt Jonathan P 2420 2361 ENG
14 5.5 WIM Aranaz Murillo Amalia 2298 2338 ESP
15 5.5 FM Dijkhuis Tycho 2321 2299 NED

5th Iberoamerican Individual Chess Championship 2014 LIVE!